OpenID Certification Program – Last Call for Testing OpenID Connect Implementations on Python Platform

The OpenID Foundation has made a considerable investment in 2020 in transitioning the certification program’s conformance test suite to a single, Java-based system. The Financial-grade API (FAPI) tests have been Java-based since early 2019 and now we are preparing to finish transitioning the OpenID Connect tests to the Java-based conformance test suite on Monday, August 31, 2020, at which point we plan to decommission the existing Python-based conformance suite. See for details on the migration.

If you are currently testing your OpenID Connect implementations, please note this transition date and migrate your testing from the Python-based suite to the Java-based suite prior to that. If you are considering testing your OpenID Connect implementations, please include the transition date in your planning.

The transition to a single code base for the conformance test suite will enable the Foundation to more efficiently manage the program and add new profiles for testing. Thank you to those community members who have assisted in “testing the tests” and helping us reach this important milestone in the Certification Program’s history.

Please send any inquiries or issues encountered to and/or submit issues about the Java-based conformance suite at


Don Thibeau
OpenID Foundation Executive Director