First FAPI 2.0 Certifications Published

OpenID Foundation is pleased to announce that the first set of FAPI 2.0 self-certifications have been published and can now be viewed on the Certification Listings.

We congratulate Authlete, Cloudentity, ConnectID, Ping Identity, and Raidiam for achieving compliance with the current FAPI 2.0 certifications and for being thought leaders on the leading edge of this important work. We are grateful to ConnectID in Australia who adopted FAPI 2.0 for their ecosystem and funded the FAPI 2.0 conformance test suite development, as noted in our announcement. We expect further announcements of FAPI 2.0 adoption and additional certifications later in the year.

We also thank all these members and the FAPI Working Group for their valuable feedback on the FAPI 2.0 specifications and the certification tests. The conformance tests and certification programme are a vital part of ensuring interoperable, secure Open Banking and Open Data ecosystems.

The FAPI 2.0 specification has been through formal security analysis by the University of Stuttgart as previously announced. The Foundation encourages existing and future implementers to consider their adoption plans for FAPI 2.0 now as the current Implementor’s Draft 2.0 is mature and stable, and Implementor’s Draft’s are commonly selected by public and private entities to implement against. The working group expects the specification advance to Final before the end of the year.


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The Open ID Foundation’s vision is to help people assert their identity wherever they choose, and to deliver on that vision by leading the global community in creating identity standards that are secure, interoperable, and privacy preserving.

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