Open Source Project Certification Policy

The OpenID Foundation encourages open source projects to certify their deployments of OpenID specifications based on available conformance tests. The Foundation recognizes that many open source projects are developed and maintained by both individuals as well as not for profit organizations that have limited budgets.

The OpenID Foundation encourages individuals or organizations that meet the criteria of this policy to contact the certification program team at to request a waiver of certification fees to certify their open source deployment(s).


  • The certification request must meet all current certification program requirements.
  • The individual or organization making the certification request must be affiliated with or responsible for the deployment being certified. It cannot be an unrelated party.
  • An individual or organization making a certification request must assert that none of the primary maintainers of the open source project are being compensated by an employer for their work on the project. The Foundation recognizes that a project maintainer may be employed by an organization but working on an open source project as a volunteer in their free time.

The OpenID Foundation runs the certification program to encourage secure and interoperable implementations of OpenID specifications. Note that the certification program is not a profit center for the foundation, and indeed, the foundation has significantly subsidized its operation throughout the life of the program.  Therefore, the foundation requests that, should the open source developers have sufficient resources to pay the normal certification fees, that they consider doing so and not asking for a fee waiver, even if eligible, so as to help support the operation of the program.

The certification program team will evaluate each fee waiver request on a case by case basis utilizing the criteria outlined above. Not all open source projects will qualify for a fee waiver.  The OpenID Foundation reserves the right to modify this policy at its discretion in the future.

Please reference the certification program homepage for full details: