OpenID Foundation Policies

OpenID Foundation Policies

Directed Funding Policy

The OIDF Directed Funding Program provides a mechanism whereby OIDF members can help to advance the mission of OIDF by making contributions to OIDF that are designated for a specific purpose of interest to the OIDF member for the benefit of the OIDF and its membership. Directed Funding FAQ.


Trademark Usage Policy

This Trademark Usage Policy specifies the rights and obligations of Members, Chapters, Implementers and other individuals and organizations when using one or more OIDF Marks licensed to them by OIDF pursuant to the Membership Agreement, National Chapters Policy, the Terms and Conditions for Certification of Conformance to an OpenID Connect Conformance Profile, or any other Trademark License granted by OIDF.


Website Privacy Policy

This OpenID Foundation Privacy Policy explains the data collection and usage practices of the OpenID Foundation with respect to personal data that we collect, store, use, transfer, and otherwise process and adheres to Privacy Shield Principles.


National Chapters Policy

The National Chapters policy was approved by the Board of the OpenID Foundation on October 29, 2014 and defines the relationship between the OIDF and the National Chapters as a not-for-profit collaboration to promote OIDF technologies and lead community efforts at the local level.


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