OIDF Virtual Workshop – October 28, 2020

The OpenID Foundation hosted a virtual workshop on Wednesday, October 28, 2020. The workshop had 90+ participants with active dialogue within the audio and chat channels. The workshop featured OpenID Foundation Working Group updates as well as a panel discussion with OIDF liaison partner, Financial Data Exchange (FDX), discussing the future of open banking and FAPI 2.0. Thank you to all presenters and participants who made this virtual workshop a success.

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The agenda with links to presentations:

Welcome & Introduction Nat Sakimura & Don Thibeau (OpenID Foundation)
FAPI WG Update & Panel Discussion: Securing the Future of the FAPI Ecosystem –Paving the Path Forward for FAPI 2.0 Moderator: Nat Sakimura – OpenID Foundation

Presenter & Panelist: Anoop Saxena – Intuit

Panelist: Don Cardinal – FDX

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OpenID Certification Program Update Joseph Heenan – Authlete View Presentation
WG Update – AB/Connect Michael Jones – Microsoft View Presentation
Self-issued OpenID Provider (SIOP) Update Kristina Yasuda — Microsoft View Presentation
OpenID Federation Update Roland Hedberg – Catalogix View Presentation
WG Update – eKYC-IDA Torsten Lodderstedt – yes.com View Presentation
WG Update – Enhanced Authentication Protocol (EAP) Michael Jones – Microsoft View Presentation
WG Update – Fast Federation (FastFed) Darin McAdams – Amazon View Presentation
WG Update – MODRNA (Mobile OpenID Connect Profile) Bjorn Hjelm – Verizon


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WG Update – Shared Signals & Events Atul Tulshibagwale – Google


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Open Q&A Session and Closing Remarks