OIDF Virtual Workshop — Thursday, April 29, 2021

The OpenID Foundation hosted a virtual workshop on Thursday, April 29, 2021.

The workshop featured two guest presentations. The first was by Ryan Howells with the CARIN Alliance who has adopted OpenID Connect and is building an open source framework for federating trusted Identity Assurance Level 2 (IAL2) certified credentials across health care organizations using a person-centric approach which leverages biometrics and mobile technologies. The second guest presentation was by Heather Flanagan with Spherical Cow Consulting who presented an update on Google’s web tracking initiative that highlighted the primary challenge in that browsers need to prevent tracking users across the web. Heather shared a status of these efforts, impacted areas, timelines and next steps. In addition to the guest presentations, OpenID Foundation Working Group co-chairs presented updates on the active working groups.

In addition to the guest presenters, OpenID Foundation working group co-chairs presented working group updates. Thank you to all presenters and participants who made this virtual workshop a success.

View the virtual workshop recording


Workshop agenda with links to presentations:


Welcome & Introduction Nat Sakimura & Don Thibeau (OpenID Foundation)
Self-issued OpenID Provider (SIOP) Update – Collaborating with the Decentralized Identity Foundation Kristina Yasuda – Microsoft View Presentation
WG Update – Financial-grade API Dave Tonge – Moneyhub View Presentation
OpenID Certification Program Update Joseph Heenan – Authlete View Presentation
OpenID Foundation & the CARIN Alliance: Enabling a Digital Identity Infrastructure for US Healthcare Ryan Howells – CARIN Alliance
Introducing Gail Hodges – our new Executive Director Gail Hodges
WG Update – MODRNA (Mobile OpenID Connect Profile) Bjorn Hjelm – Verizon View Presentation
Update on Google’s Web Tracking Initiative Heather Flanagan – Spherical Cow Consulting View Presentation
WG Update – Fast Federation (FastFed) Darin McAdams – Amazon View Presentation
WG Update – AB/Connect Michael Jones – Microsoft View Presentation
WG Update – Shared Signals & Events Atul Tulshibagwale – Google View Presentation