Fast Federation (FastFed) WG

What is the Fast Federation (FastFed) WG?


The purpose of this Working Group is to develop a meta-data document specification, APIs, and workflow to enable an administrator to federate an identity provider and a hosted application that supports one or more of OpenID Connect, SAML, and SCIM and enable configuration changes to be communicated between the identity provider and hosted application.

For an overview of the goals of Fastfed and a demonstration of Fastfed working, please see this 2019 Identiverse presentation by Darin McAdams and Erik Gustavson.  Descriptions of the scenarios we address with Fastfed can be found in our bitbucket repository.

Working Group Chairs

  • Tim Cappalli, Darin McAdams and Erik Gustavson

List of Specifications

Proposed Implementers Draft Specifications as of March 9, 2020:

Ongoing draft specifications are here:


The easiest way to participate is to join the mailing list at

Please note that while anyone can join the mailing list as a read-only recipient, posting to the mailing list or actively contributing to the specification itself requires the submission of an IPR Agreement. More information is available at Make sure to specify the working group as FastFed WG.

Meeting Venue and Schedule